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Katrin Gajndr is the most successful and highest paid burlesque performer in Russia and Europe, and deservedly so. Her standards are exceedingly high: her costumes are thought out to the smallest detail, and her performances are perfection itself - her energy, artistry and grace make her one of the best in the genre.

The magic, luxury and beauty of her performances is mesmerizing!
As befits a true Queen of Burlesque, Katrin pays great attention to detail. She is truly obsessed with the quality of the materials used for her costumes. For her, money is no object, no matter how immeasurably large the figure may be.
“Each costume must be so luxurious and mesmerizing that you could simply stand on stage and do nothing!”
All costumes and props are made exclusively according to Katrin’s sketches: the corsets are sewn by professional French corsetieres, while the Swarovski crystals are delivered directly from Austria. She personally chooses the materials she uses, flying to Italy for the best fabrics and monitoring each minute step of the making of each costume, all while also participating in the process herself.
Katrin believes that the art of performance does not depend solely on the performer. It is the combination of talent and gorgeous, unique sets that makes for an explosive cocktail. They are the gilt frame of that talent. If talent is hidden in a poor-quality wrapper, it won’t shine. Just think what kind of wonders can be made of a magnificent set, props born of the most extravagant fantasies and costumes that sparkle like the sun!

• The future Queen of Russian Burlesque started her career in 2012 when she was 18 years old.


• In 2014, she won the “Best Debut” nomination at the festival "Miss Burlesque" in Russia.


• From 2014 to 2017 was the main artist of the Moscow Cabaret "Le Rouge".


• In 2015, she won the title “Queen of Russian Burlesque” at the same festival in Russia.


• Since 2015, she started to perform in Europe.


• In 2016, she was the first Russian headliner at the "Hamburg Burlesque Festival".


• Since 2017, regularly appears as a jury member at burlesque festivals, pin-up competitions and pole-dance festivals in Russia and Europe. 


• She was a jury member at Berlin Music Video Awards in 2018.


• Photos of Katrin was published on the official website of Russian PlayBoy magazine.


• Appeared on the covers of American and European magazines.


• Katrin's face also adorns the CD of the Austrian band Nachtmare and the DVD of the German band SAMSAS TRAUM.


• Starred in music videos for SAMSAS TRAUM and The 69 eyes bands.


• Katrin also took part in the filming of the German film "Lindenberg! Mach dein Ding!" as an exotic club dancer in Hamburg, in 1960.