The Champagne Glass

Shows where a beautiful woman splashes around in a giant champagne glass were invented back in the 1920s during Prohibition in the United States. Thus the owners of underground bars would tempt their customers in. An atmosphere of mystery, music, alcohol, and a beautiful, half-naked woman pouring champagne on herself.

A perfect evening, wouldn’t you say?
Swaying sensually in time to the music, seducing and teasing the audience from the stage, Katrin slowly and playfully removes her extraordinarily beautiful costume, fully embroidered with precious Swarovski crystals. She begins to elegantly dance with huge fans made of ostrich feathers, innocently covering her snow-white, porcelain body…

And only then does she mount the ladder into her one-of-a-kind champagne glass, made to her precise specifications!
The climax of the act! What you’ve been eagerly waiting to see, with bated breath, submerging you into the secret, magical world of burlesque!